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Blisk Financial Group - Executives

As executives you have unique needs, built upon years of service and commitment. You have strong emotional and business attachments toward your company.

We seek to guide you in understanding the risks inherent with having a large concentration of wealth tied up in one significant investment, such as company stock.

It is our obligation to you to provide  diversification strategies to avoid having all your eggs in one basket. We work to spread your wealth across multiple investment while also continuously and rigorously growing your portfolio.

  • Retirement – Cash Flow planning & sufficiency
  • Portfolio & Investment Allocation
  • Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow – including spending strategies and debt analysis
  • Divorce - Pre & Post Financial Planning
  • Lump sum vs. Rollover Benefits
  • Stock Option Analysis & Strategies
  • One Stock Strategies
  • Roth IRA Conversions
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Charitable and Family Gifting Strategies
  • Education Funding

Whether you are retired or are thinking about retiring, or are considering what to do in the more immediate future to safeguard your family, home and career, isn’t it time you took a closer look at your current financial plan to see if it is prudent for your future? We can assess your situation and wishes and advise you on how to meet your need.

If you like this list of stated services, you may be wondering, “What’s next?”

Simply call us. We can help.

Discovery Solutions

We understand your life’s goals. We also recognize that at several ‘critical points’ of a life cycle, consulting a financial advisor becomes necessary. To meet these demands, we offer services which respond to our client’s needs at each of these critical points. A thorough financial evaluation and solid financial plan with measurable results are essential for investment success.

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